Thienot’s Oscar party

Challenge: Increase the Awareness among the Y generation with high disposable income about Champagne Thienot being named as the exclusive champagne for 86th Oscars Pre-Show and Governors Ball.

Strategy: Organize a black time event with a live broadcast of the ceremony at one of the most prestigious hotel in Beverly hills presented by Champagne Thienot.
By choosing a prestigious venue and implemented all the codes of the “red carpet” events, we were able to bring to life the emotional content of a true Hollywood event while connecting in the participants’ mind Champagne Thienot with the Oscar celebration.
The amplification of this event was ensured through a photo-shoot in the pure tradition of the red carpet event relayed on a dedicated Facebook page.

Achievements: Engaged 600 selected participants in a high end movie related experience, creating the right environment to generate the sales of 700 glasses of Thienot champagne.