Selavi, is a brand activation agency founded by two prominent French entrepreneurs, Pierre Battu and Gilles Amsallem with offices in Los Angeles and New York City since 2003.
Selavi’s core idea is to build a connection between brands and their target demographics through direct actions.
Selavi’s mission is to make audiences believe in what its clients do, create a journey where “adopters” transform into “adorers”.

Selavi’s client list includes companies such as Laurent Perrier Champagne, Nestle Waters, Air France, Delta Airlines, La Compagnie, l’Artisan Parfumeur, Longchamp, BMW, Nespresso, TV5, Bordeaux wines, Pernod Ricard, Diageo, Accor…
Due its proven track record of success and its highly satisfied clients yet audiences (this sound off but I don’t exactly know what you are trying to say), Selavi rapidly grew and branched out to Mexico City, London and to South East Asia with an office in Jakarta.

With a cross-cultural team of over 35 experts, Selavi has developed an innovative 4 pillars approach covering 360 degrees of brand activations strategies.
Not only is Selavi’ excellence illustrated through it high Customer retention rate but also, Selavi has been named as an exceptional strategic partner by a significant number of Fortune 500 companies.


Pierre brings a diverse background of experience to Selavi. He started his career at Aventis. In 1993, he joined Arjo-Wiggins, a European paper manufacturing company as Export Manager, responsible for the South American markets.

In 1998, he was appointed as the Vice President Sales and Marketing, for a division of Arjo-Wiggins USA, located in New York City.

By the year of 2003, he joined his business partner, Gilles, in creating Selavi, their first brand activation agency.

Pierre holds a Master of Arts in International Politics from Brussels University (ULB) and an MBA from Paris Business School (ESCP-EAP). He shares his time between the US and Asia.


In 1986, what began as a vacation and summer visit with friends who lived in New York City, turned out to be a far more permanent trip for Gilles. Though he was currently still in business school in France, the attraction of New York proved to be too irresistible for him. Gilles has always been one to seek new experiences and challenges.

In 1986, Gilles successfully started and managed a fashion business where he worked tightly with prominent clothing designers, such as Carolina Herrera and Ralph Lauren. Many years later, after meeting Pierre socially, he offered Pierre the opportunity to join him and share their common vision of Ultra Premium brands and their ability to engage their consumers.

In 2011, Gilles was elected by the French Government to become a “Trade Advisor”. Recently, he joined the board of the French American Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles.

Selavi believes that the success of brand activation lies in the agency’s capability to strategize a 360 degrees approach encompassing:

- Story Telling
- Education
- Experience
- Amplification

Thankfully, with its ten years of experience in organizing campaigns for more than 30 premium brands, Selavi experts are in the perfect position to help strategize, express and convey brands messages in the rightful and impactful manner.

At Selavi, we are proud to have over fifteen nationalities representing our network, collaborating and fueling our creativity with the influence of our interconnected world and diverse backgrounds.